The metaphor of the raging river:

People are like swimmers and swimmers in a raging river. This river is called samsara. The people are caught and entangled in themselves and in the creepers at the bottom of the river. These creepers are dangerous feelings like envy, jealousy, greed, hatred, anger. The water bites in the eyes and makes people not perceive things clearly so they think everything is feasible and the purpose saints all means or the like. In addition, their bodies are burdened by karma from past actions that pulls them further down. It's a dreadful picture of billions of drowning and surviving humans in this stream of samsara. Few bodhisatvas have learned to swim and maybe help others to get over water. You can see a few Buddhas who are shining over the water in the body. It is they who pass through Samsara's dry feet, lingering the spirit and body in Nirvana.


When I saw this terrible picture, I wanted to help them and decided to become a coach.