The book describes the chances and the major hindrances concerning the survival and ascension of mankind in the years around the date of the 21.12.2012. It is a spiritual and esoteric guidebook that aims to help mankind to survive the shift of the ages from the age of the pisces to the age of Aquarius successfully. It is your preferred guidebook when you are on the edge of the abyss.

This book with its formula Om = m*c2 = E
may serve as a binding bracket for spirituality/religion and science. 
With quotes of Jesus of Nazareth, it was proven the thesis that 
Om = m*c2= E, using Hindu and Buddhist teachings as well to close the circle with modern science.
The reconciliation of energy and matter, of spirit and body is healing both body and soul as well as religion and science. The gap between science and religion, that existed nearly for 400 years since the scientific revolution can be closed now. 
The age old OM explained with the only 100 years old formula from Einstein leads to a beneficial connection from religion and science. It heals the division of body (matter) and spirit (energy) too.  

The book “The cross of karma: Comment on Papyrus Oxy V 840” comments Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 840 and describes in the following shortly the possibilities and the impact of internal cleaning for ascending on the path to God. 

Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 840 is a small piece of papyrus bearing 45 lines of text written shortly after the life of Jesus. It was found by Bernard Pyne Grennfell and Arthur Surridge Hunt and is called an apocryphal gospel. You can find the original of the manuscript under Signature Ms. Gr. Th. G 11 in the Bodleian Library in Oxford/England.

The concept of karma is explained as synonym to that of sin, but without adding the poison of guilt, which serves as a glue to bind you to your sins, to bind you to your cross. Living a natural and humble life leads to sanity. Sanity leads to God.

If you accept that you are bound to sin, that means to err and to collect karma, you can clean yourself from that karma if you do not stick to guilt.

With guilt, you don't solve your karma, with the cross of your karma, you will not ascend to God.
Jesus cannot take your sins away, he can only help you to solve them yourself. Since it is your soul that wants to learn the lesson of life. And it is your life.